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Trial Support

Stay focused on the case – we’ll manage the technology. 

The Latest In Trial Support Technology

We specialize in TrialPad, a sophisticated trial presentation software that allows us to highlight the digital assets and evidence within your case. By extension, we also leverage a combination of projectors, screens, laptops, iPads, Apple TV, and other devices to deliver seamless courtroom presentation.

Our team of expert trial technicians all proudly bear the prestigious title of Lit Suite Certified Technicians as well. As a company, IPV Litigation Services is honored to be recognized as the FIRST trial support company to be Lit Suite Certified and to become an official Lit Suite Certified Trainer – a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to empowering legal professionals with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Physical Trial Binders

Control the conversation with our trial binders! Our physical trial binders keep the judge, attorneys, and witnesses engaged and informed throughout the entire court case. 

Traveling Support

Our team of experienced travel support specialists are prepared to travel to any courtroom in the United States to ensure your case receives the hands-on attention and technology it deserves.

Trial Support: Case Study

The Case

For most court cases, our attorneys request three or four custom physical trial binders. But due to our client’s extraordinary circumstances, he requested a rush order of six sets of physical trial binders; each set comprised of 6 volumes. 

Our Services

We coordinated with our printer and staff to quickly produce six comprehensive sets of trial binders (36 binders) and traveled nearly 300 miles to hand-deliver the binders to the courthouse & assist in the case.

The Outcome

Our attorney held a seamless presentation that helped him secure the best results possible for his client. 

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