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Legal Photography

Collect photographic evidence to support your client’s case in the courtroom and for settlements.

Scene Photography

Rely on our scene photography to support your investigation and prepare for your case. For our scene photography, we visit the site of the event to record:

  • Photos of the location
  • Photos of the evidence within the location
  • Measurements within the location

Vehicle/Product Inspection Photography

If a vehicle has been involved in an accident, preserve the details with our photographers! Our team will travel to the vehicle’s location — including its service station, repair facility, or holding yard — for a thorough inspection of the automobile and its damage.

Capture faulty product design and damages with our expert product photographers. We use the best lighting, cameras, and editing technology to deliver highly detailed photographs.

Scar/Injury Photography

Scars and injuries often heal faster than court cases resolve. Document the full extent of your client’s injuries with our scar/injury photography!

X-Ray Overlays

Highlight a traumatic injury with an X-Ray Overlay. Our team of photographers and graphic designers use original photography and x-rays to illustrate the location and extent of the injury.

Legal Photography: Case Study

The Case

A young man was visiting a hotel with his hockey team. While horseplaying in the parking lot, the young man fell into a non-corporate-sanctioned and improperly installed “Duck Crossing” sign leaning over in a grassy median in front of the hotel. His injuries required multiple stitches, and his attorney sued to cover the young man’s medical bills. 

Our Services

 Our team visited the hotel parking lot to photograph all relevant factors in the case, including the sign, the methods used to install the sign, the median where the sign was installed, parking lot lighting fixtures, and other details. We then compiled these photographs into an easy-to-read PDF.

The Outcome

With our photography, the attorney was able to demonstrate that the sign was not an official road sign and was improperly installed in an area that received inadequate lighting.

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