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Legal Videography

Our Legal Videography services give you an extra layer of ammunition to fight for your client and support their case.

Video Depositions

Capture video depositions with our high-definition video cameras, professional audio equipment, and highly experienced deposition videographers for maximum visual impact and excellent audio quality. Although we typically deliver our depositions within two weeks of recording, we can rush same- or next-day delivery in special cases!

Our video depositions are available in three formats (click to learn more):

Live Deposition

Interactive Deposition

Hybrid Deposition 

Web-Conference Depositions (Zoom Depositions)

Thanks to the global pandemic of 2020, Web Conference depositions are here to stay. Collaborate remotely — while still achieving high-quality video and audio from your client, experts, and other parties. We use our professional equipment and technology to ensure your remote depositions maintain outstanding quality. We can record your deposition or simply facilitate the meeting without recording.

Web-Conference Deposition Document Technician

Our professional document technicians are available to support your case! Focus on the direct examination of your witness while our technician operates as an extension of yourself; displaying videos, photos, documents, and more at exactly the right moments. For even more support services, check out our Trial Support

 Legal Videography: Case Study

The Case

After being struck by a university’s maintenance vehicle, a plaintiff was left with life-long injuries, including extreme photosensitivity. The university wanted to settle for $50,000, but the plaintiff’s attorney believed he deserved more.

Our Services

During our recorded web conference deposition, we filmed the plaintiff wearing his special glasses to protect his eyes. We then played back relevant security videos from the scene, medical photos after the accident, and overlaid “X’s” and arrows onto photos of the intersection to call out key pieces of evidence.

The Outcome

Thanks in part to the compelling evidence shown on the video record, the university settled for more than $900,000 — much more than the $50,000 they originally offered!

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