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Settlement Packages

Leverage our years of film experience to create persuasive settlement packages that push the competition into a quick and generous settlement agreement.

“Day in the Life” Videos

When your client’s life has been disrupted by an accident, prepare for the settlement with a compelling, comprehensive Day-In-the-Life video. Our Day-In-the-Life videos frequently cover your client’s challenges in:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Using a walker
  • Preparing food
  • Other activities of daily living

Narrative Settlement Video

Our Narrative Settlement videos are full-scale productions covering your client’s side of the story and written and directed to convince opposing counsel into an agreeable settlement. Within the video, we can even explain how similar cases have ruled in the past — and how much they have cost by going to court.

Graphic Timelines

Our Graphic Timelines create a concrete reference point of relevant dates and events to support your client’s case. When necessary, we can even develop engaging interactive timelines to supplement your convincing settlement package even further.

Settlement Packages: Case Study

The Case

A man was killed when he was struck by the driver of a company vehicle. The company tried to settle for less than $100,000 — an unfair offer for a terrible accident.

Our Services

We developed a storyboard and conducted pre-interviews with the man’s widow, daughter, neighbor, and friend. We then traveled to their homes and recorded interviews, which we then compiled and edited into a moving account of the man’s life and his impact within his community.

The Outcome

Thanks in part to our video, our client is better equipped to fight for a wrongful death settlement of more than $1 million!

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