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Our Team

Nick Hawke-Kizina

Legal Video Specialist

A Point Park University Film & Video Production graduate, Nick has more than a decade of industry experience. As the Legal Video Specialist, Nick takes the lead on a variety of projects, including Live and Web-Conference Depositions, video editing, and more. 

Outside of work, you’ll find Nick spending time with his wife, Julianna, and their cats, Stella Luna and H. Purr Lovecraft. While Nick enjoys filmmaking, screenwriting, table-top games, and all things nerd culture, he’s also an avid podcaster. In fact, Nick runs the Modern Mythos Network, a collection of podcasts that includes The Geeky Nerd Podcast; Creep Me Out: A Podcast of True Crime, Urban Legends, & the Weird; Ember Island Players: An Avatar the Last Airbender Podcast; and The Goth & Nerd Music Podcast.

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