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Video Services


Video Depositions

We utilize High-Definition digital video cameras, professional audio equipment, backdrops and highly experienced staff for the best visual and audio quality around. Depositions can be delivered in several formats including: DVD, BLU-RAY, and digital formats for syncing with the transcript.


Interactive Depositions

These depositions allow for a computer signal to be added to the video while keeping the witness in PIP (picture in picture) mode. Using a digital tablet and stylus, the witness is able to illustrate onto photographs, documents, x-rays, videos, etc.


Day in the Life Videos

Add value to any personal injury case. Show the complications of daily living for your client due to their injury. We can film at your client's home or any facility to personalize each case.


Video Inspections / Spoliation

We travel to the location of the site, product, or vehicle and obtain detailed video of the expert's complete examination. Inspections and spoliation jobs are captured using multiple cameras with timecode. This is done to ensure that the video coverage is complete and easy to find.