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We will provide a large projection screen, projector and speakers in the courtroom. An experienced technical operator will be present to monitor and play your witness's video deposition. The operator can mute objections and segments of testimony upon the judge's rulings. We are able to play several different forms of media including: BLU-RAY, DVD, Mini-DV, and many electronic media files.


Trial Presentations

We will scan all of your documents, photos, etc. into a digital format. We can enlarge, highlight, and project all of your documents to the jury. All synced depositions can be played digitally with the transcript text underneath the video. Clips can be created from synced depositions and played back to the jury. A tablet can be used by the witness to illustrate on photographs and other media. As a part of our service all documents are bates-numbered and provided to you, the opposing counsel, and the judge.


Settlement Packages / Mediation Presentations

The goal of a settlement package is to highlight your case using powerful elements such as: Day in the life videos, interviews, photographs, documents, deposition clips, sketches and many other elements. At your direction, we create a single video or powerpoint that can be distributed to opposing counsel and/or played at mediation.