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Photography Services


Client Photography

Put a face to each case. Preserve evidence of surgery, bruises and scarring before they heal. Follow up with permenant scarring. For your client's convenience, we will travel to their home or to your office to obtain detailed photos and measurements of scarring.


X-Ray Overlays

We will extract your client's X-ray images from the CD or other media obtained from the hospital. Broken bones, hardware, fractures, etc. are then superimposed onto your client's "client injury" photos.


Vehicle / Product Inspections

We will travel to the service station, repair facility, or holding yard to obtain photographs and/or digital video footage of damage before the vehicle is destroyed or repaired. We use professional grade macro lenses to obtain "close-up" photographic evidence of the product failure that has injured your client.


Scene Inspections

Illustrate to a jury the conditions that caused your client's injury with detailed photographs and measurements of roadways, parking lots, businesses, sidewalks, and more. Scene inspections also include detailed sketches, and an overhead satellite image of the area.