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You can ask a client to photograph an accident scene, damaged property or their injuries.  But why entrust the potential outcome of a case – and a potentially significant financial award – to poor-quality photos or video, taken with substandard equipment, that may fail to adequately capture and convey key information?  Just as a client turns to your firm for help because you offer specialized expertise, visually documenting their case should not be a do-it-yourself exercise.

Everyone’s best interests are best served by entrusting case-related photography and videography to professionals who understand the legal process and the ways you will use visual evidence to support your case.  You need the assistance of someone with the tools and experience to add quantifiable value.

Investigative Photography provides that experience.  With nearly three decades of experience serving the legal profession, we benefit your clients and your firm in numerous ways.



Our experience and our expertise bring critical professionalism to the process.  Under your direction, we create a comprehensive visual record that helps you build a stronger case.  We can anticipate testimony, create a foundation for your argument and position, and ensure that you support it with clear, well-organized visual images and other evidence.

We know how visual elements persuade and convince.  We produce high quality images that are properly framed, lit and photographed to add the right details.  We help you create a comprehensive, usable photographic record of accident scenes, physical damage and client injuries that humanizes claims and your clients’ suffering.

Delivering the right information in ways that strengthen your case.  It’s what we do.




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